Where to Get Nuobell Dumbbells in Australia

Nuobell’s are some of the best adjustable dumbbells you can buy. The good news is they are also available from a local retailer with domestic shipping.

Here’s how you can pick up a set of genuine Nuobells in Australia:

Where to buy Nuobell Dumbbells in Australia

You can buy Nuobell Dumbbells from Cyberfit in Australia. Cyberfit are based in Australia and if you order through them your Nuobell’s will be shipped locally.

How much do Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbells Cost in Australia?

The 2-20KG Nuobell Dumbbells will set you back around $800 in Australia. The 2-32KG set will cost around $1000.

Why I like training with Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbells

My current dumbbell of choice is the Nuobell. While I’ve tested lots different adjustable dumbbells I keep coming back to using Nuobells. Here’s why:

Super Fast Weight Change

The Nuobell is the fastest changing adjustable dumbbell. To change the weight of the dumbbell all you have to do is spin the handle while the dumbbell is in its stand.

Heavier than many other brands

The Nuobell comes in two configurations – a lighter and heavier set. You can go up to 32kg on the heavier set. For my current workouts this more than enough. Most other adjustable dumbbells usually top out at around 24kg.

Dumbbell Changes Size

The Nuobell dumbbell is one of the few that changes size the heavier the weight. At 2kg, the dumbbell is the smallest. This makes wielding these so much easier than the adjustable dumbbells that are the same width no matter the weight.


You can select any weight on a Nuobell from 2kg up to 32kg. The weights go up in 2kg increments. While I’ve missed being able to add 1kg (or even less) to a weight, which I was able to do with spin lock dumbbells, the 2kg incrememnt still works.

And unlike some adjustable dumbbells there are no weird increments. For example the Kogan adjustable dumbbells jump to weird numbers the higher you go.

Kilograms and Pounds

Nuobell sells weights in both pounds and kilos. You can buy both of these in Australia. I chose to go with KG. Most other brands of weights only come in pounds.

Solid Build

The Nuobells are well built. There is definitely a noticeable difference in quality compared to some of the cheaper adjustable dumbbells. I’m confident these aren’t just going to fall apart. And based on other users experiences on Reddit, I haven’t been able to find any stories of these just breaking. The handle is replaceable if anything was to happen. The cheaper adjustable dumbbells (and many of the Nuobell clones) don’t sell replacement handles. So if they break (and the cheap ones do) you’ll need to replace the entire set of weights.

Have you bought the Nuobells in Australia? Let me know in the comments what your experiences have been.

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