Are the Powertrain Adjustable Dumbbells Worth Getting? My Review

The Powertrain adjustable dumbbells are similar in style to the popular Bowflex adjustable dumbbells. The big advantage of these dumbbells over other sets is the weight can go up to a massive 40kg per dumbbell.

So are the powertrain dumbbells worth getting? Here’s my review:

Powertrain adjustable Dumbbells

What I like about the Powertrain Dumbbells

  • Massive Weight – These are some the heaviest adjustable dumbbells you can buy in Australia. They come in a variety of max weights with 40kg being the heaviest.
  • Pretty good quick change mechanism – The mechanism to change weights is one of the fastest out there only second to the Nuobell type quick change.
  • 17 Different Weights – The powertrain dumbbells give you 17 different weights (for the 40kg option) in the one dumbbell.
  • Can be bought with a Stand – You can buy the Powertrain dumbbells with or without a stand.

What I don’t like

  • Some Odd Steps – My favourite adjustable dumbbell, the Nuobell goes from 2kg-32kg in 2 kilo increments. The Powertrains have some odd jumps in weight. For most workouts though, you should be able to find a weight that works for you.
  • Can be Quite Wide – No matter the weight, the Powertrain adjustable dumbbells will be the same width. Some adjustable dumbbells are designed so they are smaller at lower weights.
  • Handle is Small – the handle width of the Powertrain dumbbells is just 10cm. I have small hands, so it was fine for me. But those with bigger hands might find this a little cramped.

My Review: Is it worth buying the Powertrain Dumbbells?

While the Powertrain adjustable dumbbells are not the best adjustable dumbbells you can buy (I believe that title goes to the Nuobell), they do represent excellent value for money. You can get a heavier dumbbell than the Nuobell for a few hundred dollars cheaper.

This uses the same style as the Bowflex dumbbell. One issue I had with those dumbbells was after a lot of use the plastic dividers which grip the plates tend to warp and wear out. This could result in a weight plate not being completely secure.

The other issue I have with this design is getting them into the stand can be a little finicky. Honestly – most adjustable dumbbells have a similar issue although the powertrain design is more susceptible to this.

Overall though, I think these make a really good pair of adjustable dumbbells. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to Nuobells or powerblocks, these are a good option. In terms of value, you can’t really beat them.

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