Are Ironmaster Dumbbells Available in Australia: 2023 Guide

Ironmaster makes some of the best adjustable dumbbells. And the good news is that you can now buy them in Australia. Here’s how:

Where to Buy Ironmaster Dumbbells in Australia

SamsFitness an Australia gym equipment retailer currently stocks Ironmaster products. You can now buy the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells in Australia and they are shipped locally.

SamsFitness stocks the Ironmaster base sets as well as the add on kits and accessories. Ironmaster makes a range of home workout equipment that can use the dumbbell weights including a kettlebell handle and ezcurl bar.

Why I like Ironmaster Adjustable Dumbbells

While the Ironmaster dumbbells aren’t as quick to change as Nuobells, they are the most durable adjustable dumbbells available. Here’s why I think they make a great dumbbell:

  • Will Last Forever – Ironmaster Dumbbells have a screw in mechanism. While this means they take a little more time to adjust weight, this design means they are super solid. You don’t need to worry about breaking these.
  • Make Small Weight Adjustments – If you’re looking at training using progressive overload, then these dumbbells are the perfect choice. You can make small weight adjustments.
  • Quick Lock System – Ironmaster uses a “quick lock” system. This is much faster than the traditional spin lock system. It only requires 3/4 of a turn to undo while still being incredibly secure.
  • Nice Shape – Unlike some adjustable dumbbells that are unwieldy and odd shaped, the Ironmasters look and perform like regular dumbbells. I find them to be a little bit wide, but not so wide that I find them uncomfortable to work out with.
  • Can be Very Heavy – Unlike standard adjustable dumbbells, Ironmasters are designed to be expanded to support a huge amount of weight.
  • Storage Cabinet – The iron master dumbbells come with a storage cabinet to keep your weights neat and tidy.

If you’ve been put off from buying a set of adjustable dumbbells because you’re worried they will break or aren’t secure, then Ironmasters are definitely your best choice. You don’t get the quick change mechanism, but you do get a pair of dumbbells that won’t fall apart. You can be confident in doing overhead exercises.

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