Is the Tempo Smart Gym Available in Australia?

The Tempo Smart Gym is a popular home smart gym that features weight based equipment and mirror screen. It’s a convenient way to start working out.

Tempo Smart Gym Australia

What is Tempo?

The Tempo Smart Gym is both a hardware and software based home gym. The hardware consists of a studio cabinet which contains weights and other workout equipment. The software features AI trainers that will lead you through workouts as giving you feedback on your form.

Is the Tempo Smart Gym Available in Australia?

Unfortunately the Tempo Smart Gym is not currently available in Australia. There are no current plans from Tempo to start shipping the Tempo gym internationally.

Like many smart gym products such as the Tonal Gym, Mirror and Forme, the Tempo is currently only available in the United States and they do not offer a shipping option for Australia. There are also no local distributors.

We’ll update this page is the Tempo Gym becomes available in Australia.

The Best Tempo alternatives in Australia

The Tempo is basically a set of weights combined with workout videos. The main selling point is the mirror based screen. This lets you see yourself as well as the workout video. The good news is there are alternatives to the Tempo in Australia:

NordicTrack Vault

The closest Tempo alternative in Australia is the NordicTrack Vault. This smart gym contains a full set of weights and also has a mirror based screen. You can subscribe to workouts from NordicTrack’s iFit membership.


The Vitruvian uses magnetic resistance, similar to the Tonal but is a ground based smart gym. It’s perfect for strength based workouts and comes with accessories to provide a comprehensive workout.

The Vitruvian is available in Australia.

Peleton Guide

Peleton Guide

Peleton sells a camera called the Peloton Guide that you can use with your smart TV and the Peloton subscription service. You can do a range of Peloton based workouts and get feedback on your form via the camera. This is similar to how the Tempo tracks your form.

Apple Fitness+

I currently use Apple Fitness+ with a pair of adjustable dumbbells. While this isn’t a smart gym, you do get many of the same features. You get new workouts weekly and if you’re wearing an Apple Watch you’ll see your stats on screen. To be honest, I can’t see myself shelling out thousands for a smart gym that contains mainly just weights when I can buy a cheaper set and pair it with a home workout subscription like Apple Fitness+

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