Is the Tonal Gym Available in Australia

The Tonal Smart Gym is one of the most popular smart gyms. But can you buy it and get it installed in Australia? Here is the latest availability:

Getting the Tonal Smart Gym in Australia

Unfortunately the Tonal Smart Gym is not currently available in Australia.

In the United States, Tonal installs the gym into your home. This is not something they can easily expand into other countries. And as such Tonal hasn’t offered any indication that they’ll make the product available in Australia anytime soon.

Will the Tonal Gym be Coming to Australia?

I doubt it will be available in Australia anytime soon. I’m monitoring the situation and will update this page if Tonal decides to start shipping to Australia.

Tonal recently had to lay off quite a large chunk of its workforce as sales slowed due to inflation. I can’t see them expanding to Australia within the next 12 months.

The Best Tonal Gym Alternatives in Australia


Vitruvian Smart Gym

The closest alternative to the Tonal Gym that is available in Australia is the Vitruvian. It’s a platform with magnetic resistance. It’s able to generate up to 200kg of digital weight. While you can’t do the exact same exercises as the Tonal, you can still work the same muscles – just in different ways. And because the Vitruvian is a platform, it’s perfect for squat type powerlifting exercises.

Nordictrack Vault

The Nordictrack Vault is a complete home gym in a neat little upright package. It combines weights with a smart gym mirror and video trainer.

Honestly you’ll be able to do most of the exercises that the Nordictrack vault has, using just a good pair of adjustable dumbbells. And you can pay for the exercise classes from Nordictrack (iFit) without needing the expensive equipment.

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