The Best Athletic Greens Alternatives in Australia

Athletic Greens is a foundational nutritional supplement. While there are many Greens powders available in Australia, there aren’t many products that combine 75 vitamins, minerals and nutrients in the one product.

The good news is there is one product that is almost identical to Athletic Greens and its available in Australia:

Vital All in One – The Best Athletic Greens Alternative

The best Athletic Greens Alternative in Australia is Vital All-In-One. I did look at a number of different greens powders but most didn’t match the same level of ingredients that Athletic Greens has. Vital All-In-One is the closest match.

Vital All-in-One is a nutritional supplement that closely resembles Athletic Greens. Vital All-in-one contains 78 essential nutrients. It also contains a similar natural sweetener (stevia) and the same natural flavours. While Vital All-In-One will taste a little different to Athletic Greens they will be fairly similar.

Vital All-In-One is an Athletic Greens alternative

Both Athletic Greens and Vital All-In-One have been around for many years and are tried and tested products with good reputations.

What are the Main Differences

The makeup of the each product is slightly different. Vital All-in-one has a few more ingredients but the formula is very close to that of AG1. With Vital All-In-One they list the exact amounts of every ingredient, where as AG1’s proprietary blend does not list exact amounts for all ingredients.

AG1 products go through more testing than Vital’s do. They are batch tested for heavy metals and other contaminants. AG1 is NSF certified.

The other big difference is the product delivery. With AG1, you can setup a subscription and you’ll automatically be sent a new vacuum packed bag every month. AG1 also gives you a shaker and metal storage canister. Vital currently does not offer anything similar.

Finally Vital All-In-One is a cheaper product. So if you’re concerned about cost, then the best choice is Vital.

Am I switching to Vital All-In-One

I love the convenience of Athletic Greens. It’s one less thing that I need to think about each month. So for the time being I’ll be sticking with Athletic Greens. I’ve been using Athletic Greens over the last year and I’ve been feeling great so I’m not keen on switching to another product.

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