iHerb Australia Guide: Shipping, Pricing and More!

iHerb is one of my favourite online stores for ordering supplements. I’ve found they have a much larger range than any similar store in Australia and they tend to have more competitive pricing as well.

If you’re considering ordering from iHerb, here’s a complete guide to how it works when you’re in Australia:

Where is iHerb Located in Australia?

Although iHerb has a localised version of their website (au.iherb.com), they don’t have a physical presence in Australia. When you order from the iHerb website in Australia your order will get shipped from the U.S

How long does iHerb shipping take to Australia

On average I’ve found that iHerb takes around 6-10 days to ship to Australia. I went back and checked a number of my previous orders and most were delivered in around 7 days. iHerb does give you an estimated date, but I’ve found they usually deliver before the estimate.

Getting iHerb Delivered to a Parcel Locker

iHerb uses a number of different shipping carriers in Australia. They give you the option to use Australia Post. So if you are using a Parcel Locker, you can be sure they’ll deliver to it. iHerb is one of the very few international online stores that support Australian Parcel Lockers. Just make sure you choose AusPost when checking out.

iHerb Free Shipping To Australia

Orders over $80 qualify for free shipping to Australia. This used to be lower but unfortunately like most things over the past couple of years, it’s gotten more expensive. Orders under $80 will cost around $15 to ship to Australia, so it’s definitely worth doing one larger order instead of regular smaller orders.

Is iHerb Reliable?

Yes! I’ve never had an issue with shipping. All orders always get dispatched within 24 hours. iHerb products are shipping in boxes with air padding. I’ve never had an issue with an order getting damaged from iHerb.

iHerb have been around for 20+ years, so they are definitely a legitimate company and they have a great reputation.

iHerb and Australian Customers

iHerb has an Australian version of their online store. Products are listed in Australian Dollars and you’ll be charged in AUD so there are no nasty international transaction fees. They also support local delivery options including Australia Post. So even though iHerb is based in the U.S, they definitely support Australian customers. I’ve found the entire process to be very straightforward and the shipping has been fast enough that it’s similar to ordering from many local online stores.

My iHerb Review – Is it Worth Using iHerb Australia?

I’ve found iHerb offers many supplements that just aren’t available in Australia. For example, the Nordic Naturals Omega 3 high strength version, I take, is just not available in Australian supermarkets. And there are countless other supplements that just aren’t offered here. It can also be a lot cheaper to buy through iHerb than from supermarkets or chemists in Australia.

iHerb is worth using in Australia if you’re after a particular supplement that you can’t find easily here but because of the high free shipping minimum, it may not always be the best deal.

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