Vibit Review: 2023 Guide

The Vibit is a popular vibrating roller. It combines the benefits of a massage gun with a foam roller. I bought the Vibit to try it out and used it to help with post-workout muscle soreness. Here is my Vibit Review

The Vibit Roll

What is the Vibit Roll

The Vibit Roll is a cross between a vibrating massager and a foam roller. It can be used by holding it and rolling it over your muscles or you can roll on top of it, like you would a foam roller to create more pressure.

The Vibit Roll is 20cm wide. It’s not as large as a traditional foam roller. This size means it can be used as both a roller and a handheld massager. It’s still wide enough that I could relieve tension from larger muscle groups.

The Vibit has a patterned surface that will relieve tension on its own, but it also has a powerful vibrating function. There are 3 speed settings and an intermediate setting.

What is the Vibit Roll Used For

I used the Vibit for treating DOMS. Other people use it for various pain conditions which can be relieved with massage and pressure. It’s especially good if you have issues with your feet or legs.

How Long Does the Vibit Last

The Vibit claims it can run for 120 minutes. In my testing it didn’t quite last this long but still lasted for over 1.5 hours. The Vibit is charged using USB-C and there are no batteries that need replacing.

Does the Vibit Work?

Obviously it will depend on what condition you’re treating. As a vibrating foam roller I found it to be much more effective than a traditional roller. The combination of pressure and vibration was definitely more potent and helping stiff and sore muscles. The vibrating was stronger than I expected and it felt like it really made a difference. I can’t tell you beyond my own anecdotal experience if the Vibit will work for you. For me it was a lifesaver during a heavy workout period and helped with my recovery.

Will the Vibit Last

I’ve had the Vibit for around 2 months now and use it every few days to help muscle recovery. The Vibit seems to be well built and it’s solid. I’ve got no concerns putting my whole body weight onto it.

How does the Vibit Roll Compare to a Massage Gun

I also use a massage gun for treating muscle soreness. I do prefer to use the Vibit as I can use it like I would a foam roller. Being able to use pressure as well as vibrating seems to really penetrate into the muscle and offer greater relief. However for certain muscle groups, I still use a massage gun. The Vibit doesn’t have the same power that a massage gun has.

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