My Miramat Review: The Best Exercise Mat?

I recently purchased the Miramat exercise mat. It’s an extra large, premium exercise mat that is designed for a wide range of workouts. Here’s my Miramat review for 2023:

Miramat Review

What is the Miramat?

Miramat is an extra large exercise mat. It will protect your floors from high impact workouts and also create a great space for exercise. It’s as close to portable gym flooring as you can get.

Miramat Pros

Here’s what I like about the Miramat:

Extra Large Size

While smaller exercise mats are great for Yoga, for Hiit, kickboxing and strength training you really need a larger exercise space. Miramat comes in a variety of extra large sizes. I do a lot of Apple Fitness workouts and I find the extra large sizes are perfect for this type of workout. I’m pretty sure the Apple Fitness studios use Miramat or something very similar.

Firm Material

Miramat is made from a very firm material. It feels more like flooring as opposed to the softer yoga mat material. This means it’s perfect for jumping up and down and placing weights on. The material is strong enough that it feels like you’re working out on an actual gym floor. This means you can lay it on top of carpet or hard floors and have a solid platform.

Reduces Noise

I like in an apartment complex. I don’t think my downstairs neighbours would really appreciate my high impact Hiit workout. With the Miramat it reduces most of the stomping noise.

Protects Floors

I wouldn’t do a Hiit workout on carpet! It’s a surefire way to destroy your carpets, especially if you’re wearing shoes. With the Miramat you can protect your carpets as well as hard floors from things like weights. I’m confident I can put my weights down on it without damaging the floor underneath.

Miramat Cons

A bit hard for Floor Workouts

I don’t think the standard Miramat is the best for Yoga. They do sell a Yoga specific option which I recommend if you do a lot of Yoga or other floor based workouts. The Miramat is firm, which makes it great for high intensity workouts like HIIT or Kickboxing.

I still use a seperate Yoga mat when I’m doing Yoga as I don’t have a huge amount of padding around my bones. But you might find it works well for you.

It’s heavy

The Miramat is quite heavy. Much more heavy than a standard exercise mat. It’s not something you could easily just walk down the street with. It’s definitely designed for home workouts. The weight means its a really solid platform, but if you have to move it around a lot, it’s something to be aware of.

My Miramat Review – is it worth it?

If you’re doing Peloton, Apple Fitness, Optus Fitness type workouts then this mat is going to be perfect for you. It works equally well on hard floors as it does on carpets. And it’s big enough to move around on.

The surface is grippy but not so grippy that it hinders workouts. I was able to swivel easily while doing a kickboxing workout.

In terms of quality it’s really well made and this is something I can see lasting a very long time. The storage straps are also well made.

Overall the Miramat is the best exercise mat I’ve ever owned. It’s definitely worth it!

Miramat vs Gym Flooring Tiles

An alternative to the Miramat that I often see are foam gym tiles. They look like puzzle pieces. I much prefer the Miramat to the tiles. It’s a more solid surface and because it’s just one flat piece it’s also going to do a much better job of stopping moisture seeping through.

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