The Best Large Exercise Mat in Australia: 2023 Guide

Are you looking for a large exercise mat? I tested out a number of different options available in Australia. While many of the large mats were quite similar, there was one mat that stood out from the rest.

The Best Large Exercise Mat in Australia

Here’s my top pick. I’ve been using this large exercise mat for a number of different home workouts. I’ve also used it with gym equipment like a spin bike and dumbbells. It’s performed well for every workout:


The Miramat is the best large exercise in Australia. It comes in a range of sizes, but all the sizes are large. Much larger than a standard yoga mat. The Miramat is made out of a strong foam like material that provides a great workout surface. I use it everyday for HIIT, Kickboxing and strength workouts. It also does a great job of protecting my floors. It’s water resistant so if I sweat it’s not going to damage the flooring.

The Miramat is the best large exercise mat in Australia

I’ve found that the Miramat provides a better workout surface compared to similar products. Unlike tiles, or foldable mats, the Miramat is a single, large surface. It’s more stable and doesn’t move around at all thanks to the grippy underside.

Miramat is the same mat that gyms use for classes everyday. If they can stand up to daily gym use, you’ll know they’ll last a lifetime in your home.

If you’re looking for a large exercise mat, the best choice is the Miramat.

Make sure you check out my more detailed Miramat Review.

Why You Need a Large Exercise Mat

Protect your Carpets and other Flooring

Doing a HIIT workout or similar is tough on carpet. A large exercise mat will protect your carpets from excessive wear. I also use an exercise mat under fitness machines like my spin bike and rower. These can damage flooring – even hard floors. An exercise mat will not only create a solid base for the machine but will protect the floors from indents.

If you’re using weights, a large exercise mat will prevent you from chipping or denting wooden or tile floors.

I also use my Miramat to store my weights on. It stops the weights from leaving marks on my carpets.

Create a Solid Workout Platform

If you’re working out on an uneven surface like a deck, a large exercise mat will create a smooth, solid surface. Larger exercise mats can accomodate all sorts of workouts. I’ve found that trying to do a HIIT workout on a regular size mat just doesn’t work. The larger mats allow you to move around on the same surface for a better workout.

The Perfect Grippy Surface

If you buy a quality large exercise mat it will have the perfect workout surface. My pick, the Miramat is grippy but still allows you to swivel. It’s basically the perfect workout surface. I find it’s much more comfortable to workout on compared to my hardwood flooring.

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